Great teamwork: Voting by mum (aka voting by proxy)

As an expat for nearly a decade, at first I registered as an overseas voter and to get my voting slip sent to my residential address in the Netherlands. That worked fine. However, for the 2015 UK general election, that postal voting form never arrived, despite being registered. I kept thinking it would arrive but then it never did, and then it became too late to arrange an alternative method of voting.

Exploring the voting options: Second time lucky

That year, I heard that many other overseas voters had not received their voting slips in time. After that, I decided to vote by proxy, and in my case that means ‘vote by mum’. My UK-based mother is able to vote on my behalf, and by post (we have different polling stations so I didn’t want her to have to shlep to two different places to vote).

It’s now all ready to send, or knowing mum it’s probably already in the postbox.

Reassuringly, the postal proxy voting slip for the 2017 general election has already arrived and is in good hands.

Mum swiftly let me know, and all I had to do was confirm which box she should cross for my vote.

I did a quick double-check on the website to check the candidates. I had already researched the options, but there’s no harm in being absolutely certain.

It does seem a little weird to cast your vote while the campaigns still have another few weeks to go, but I have definitely made my mind up.  And I want to be sure my vote arrives.

We’ve had a bit of practice for this routine, since we used this method for our constituency’s recent by-election, and for the Brexit referendum.

We make a great voting team!