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Owns the vision. Bundles of passion
It doesn't matter who you vote for, it matters that you know what your options are. #advocateofchange #overseasnotout
Makes the data work. Fun facts guy.
Passionate about politics and data. Knows how to design and code and a bit more besides...
Shapes our message. Travels a lot.
Neil is currently enjoying a well earned holiday. When he gets back he will update his bio to tell you something about himself. #ukexpat #cantvote #overseasnotout
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Do you share our passion for making a positive change. Get in touch and tell us what you think you can do to help us, and help even more people get involved in democracy.

Our story

When you live overseas it can be difficult to stay connected with what is happening back in your homeland.  It is easy to lose touch with who represents you and your interests.  

It doesn't mean you stop caring, it just gets that bit more difficult to stay connected.

We believe that by participating in democracy - through voting for your representatives, by sharing your story with them and the people around you - that you make a difference.

It could be your story, or that of your neighbour or your cousin that influenced your MP - and what if that lead to a real change for the better?

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What we are working on

  • A facebook bot to help you in the final week, find information about you constituency and your candidates.
  • We'll be updating the database with the latest round of soon to be endorsed More United candidates.
  • We'll be bringing you more inspiring stories from British expats around the globe.
  • We're planning our phase II of our services - more features to help you connect with your elected representative. 
  • We're looking for a new country to work with later in the year, so we're researching the elections around the world.

Interested?  Have an idea?  Get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.